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Pond Muck Reduction
Excessive muck layer or sludge is often the buildup of organics like dead vegetation, leaves, or grass clippings, as well as fish and fowl waste products. Proper inoculation with ENVIRONOC 301 can reduce the muck layer in ponds as well as clarify the water of organic waste.  The microbial inoculation ensures a healthy colony of beneficial microorganisms that digest the organics in the muck layer and water and keep your pond healthy and clean.
Water Clarity Enhancement

Uncontrolled growth of algae in ponds and aquaria often results when mineral nutrients get out of normal balance. This may result from high nitrogen due to fish and food waste in aquaria or fertilizer runoff into the neighborhood pond.

When environmental factors change to favor the excessive growth of algae, the results can be unsightly and odorous blooms that require some effort to reverse. Now, beneficial microbe inoculation with ENVIRONOC 301 can potentially undo some of the conditions that lead to excessive algae growth and increase water clarity. This is true in aquaria as well as in aesthetic and working ponds.
Pond Muck Reduction
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Microbes for Environmental Applications

Biodyne-SA cultivates viable and high-count liquid microbial products called ENVIRONOC, maintaining our focus on helping the environment.