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Biodyne SmellAway odour reducer
for grey water & septic tanks

• A natural odour reducer using billions of beneficial microbes to improve water quality
• Degrades organic waste and sludge build-up, naturally aiding the water cycle
• Each bucket of Smellaway contains 2 x 250g bags of slow release gel balls

Capabilities: Beneficial free living microbes. Bacteria: Gram “+” and gram “-” that degrade carbohydrates, protein & lipids with some representatives that can reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide. Actinomycetes: Soil bacteria that have the ability to degrade long chain polymers. Fungi: Unicellular & mycelial representatives that have the ability to degrade long chain polysaccharides, lipids & proteins, some under low oxygen tension.

Handling: Do not ingest, ingestion may cause diarrhea. If ingested, drink lots of water For skin contact, wash with soap & water. We recommend using gloves and safety glasses when handling this product. Please email Biodyne for MSDS and Technical Information. Storage: Store in a shaded, cool ventilated area. Temperature should not exceed 30°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Applications: Enhanced odour & sludge reduction in wastewater treatment systems. Grey water systems will experience a reduction in odours and sludge buildup. Septic tank owners will experience better performance & fewer drain field problems.

Dosage: Domestic Grey water system - Place one 250g bag into the grey water tank every 2-3 weeks or when odours return. Remove the old bag when placing a new bag into the tank. Septic tanks - using a string hang 2 x 250g bags into the septic tank. Repeat every three months.

Shelf Life: At Room temperature the product should maintain its predicted activity for 5 months.
Biodyne's SmellAway
A natural odour reducer for Greywater & Septic Tanks
Billions of beneficial microbes improving water quality
Degrades organic waste and sludge build-up

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Biodyne's SmellAway