Biodyne’s SmellAway

A natural odour reducer using billions of beneficial microbes to improve water quality. Degrades organic waste and sludge build-up, naturally aiding the water cycle.

Each bucket contains 2 x 250g bags of slow release gel balls.

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Product Description

Biodyne SmellAway odour reducer for grey water and septic tanks.

Capabilities: Beneficial free living microbes. Bacteria: gram “+” and gram “-” that degrade carbohydrates, protein and lipids with some representatives that can reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide. Actinomycetes: soil bacteria that have the ability to degrade long chain polymers. Fungi: unicellular and mycelial representatives that have the ability to degrade long chain polysaccharides, lipids and proteins, as well as some under low oxygen tension.

Handling: Do not ingest, ingestion may cause diarrhoea. If ingested, drink lots of water. For skin contact, wash with soap and water. We recommend using gloves and safety glasses when handling this product. Please email Biodyne for MSDS and Technical Information. Storage: store in a shaded, cool ventilated area. Temperature should not exceed 30°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Applications: Enhanced odour and sludge reduction in wastewater treatment systems. Grey water systems will experience a reduction in odours and sludge buildup. Septic tank owners will experience better performance and fewer drain field problems.

Dosage: Domestic grey water system: place one 250g bag into the grey water tank every 2-3 weeks or when odours return – remove the old bag when placing a new bag into the tank. Septic tanks: using a string, hang 2 x 250g bags into the septic tank – repeat every three months.

Shelf Life: At room temperature the product should maintain its predicted activity for 5 months.


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