Compost Activator

Biodyne Compost activator is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Billions of beneficial microbes alive and ready to degrade organic waste.

29 Strains of healthy bacteria that degrade carbohydrates, proteins and lipids with some strains that are able to reduce harsh smells.

Will aid the reactivation of inefficient or unused septic tanks.
Enough for up to 2 tons of compost.

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Product Description

Ensure garden refuse has been chopped to a height no longer than 15 cm.

Start the composting process by applying 50 ml of Biodyne Compost Activator per 5 litres of chlorine-free water to the raw material. Wet compost with this mixture until the water starts to run-off.

If not using a composting container, cover the compost with a UV-resistant water-proof plastic or PVC sheet.

Turn and re-apply every 2 weeks and re-cover.

By using this method, the compost will be ready in approximately 6 weeks.

29 Species of live micro-organisms representing 11 different genera

500 mℓ

Biodyne South Africa


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