Greywater & Septic Tank

ODOUR REDUCER FOR: Greywater & Septic Tank

Helps prevent septic tank and soak-away clogging.
Billions of beneficial microbes improving water quality.
Degrades organic waste and sludge build-up.
Not harmful to humans, plants or animals.

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Product Description

APPLICATION AND DOSAGES: Greywater & Septic Tank
Enhanced odour & sludge reduction in wastewater treatment systems. Greywater and Rain harvest systems will experience a reduction in odours and sludge build-up. Septic tank owners will experience better performance and fewer drain field problems.

Domestic Greywater systems:
Dose 100ml per 120L greywater being treated. For best results pour directly into your tank. Alternatively, you can our down a drain that feeds into your tank.

Rain Harvest tank:
 Dose 200mlonce off and repeat only if odours return.

Septic Tank/Soakaway:
 Pour 250ml directly into the toilet and flush.

500 mℓ


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