Environoc 101

Over 33 strains of fresh, viable and natural microbes selected for their capabilities to bioremediate petroleum hydrocarbons – oil, paraffin, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and more. Used for bioremediation.

High count microbial inoculant with efficacy across a number of environmental applications.

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Product Description

Beneficial microorganisms for petroleum hydrocarbon bioremediation.

Aliphatic hydrocarbon degradation from hexane to paraffin, VOA hydrocarbon degradation BTEX and MTBE.

Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in soil, sludge, surface water and groundwater. Treatment of oily wash-water from heavy equipment, truck, bus and auto washing operations. Treatment of producing oil wells experiencing problems associated with paraffin accumulation. Reduction of hydrogen sulfide in gas wells. Other applications.


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